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Coating Solutions - bathtub resurfacing

  • Rejuvenate your existing tub with a beautiful, high performance coating system
  • Save up to 80% over replacement cost
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About Resurfacing

Resurfacing, sometimes called refinishing, or re-glazing, is the process of applying a beautiful, high performance coating system to bathtubs, sinks, tile, counter-tops, showers, cabinets, or any surface requiring an exceptionally durable and beautiful finish. It’s a 4 to 7 coat process using a primer and a 2 part epoxy and can almost always be completed in a single day.

Our products, SharkGrip™ and SharkThane™, use the most current coating technology in the refinishing industry, and our commitment to quality means that we are always evaluating our techniques to provide the best, most durable finishes possible.

Our work is always guaranteed! Call us with confidence, we’re members of the Better Business Bureau and the Professional Bathtub Refinishers Association!

Dramatic Savings Over Replacement

The total cost of replacing bathtubs and counter-tops is much higher than the cost of the new fixtures alone. New bathtubs are narrower and not as deep as older tubs, so ceramic tile and the bathroom flooring often need to be replaced along with the tub.

Drywall and cabinetry rarely survive the replacement process unscathed, so repairs to walls and cabinets add significantly to the cost of the job, as do the plumbing costs of removing and reinstalling sinks, faucets, drains, water supply lines and cut off valves.

It is not unusual for a bathtub replacement project to exceed $3000 and take several weeks to complete!

By resurfacing rather than replacing, we can save you an average of $2500!

We make the ugliest bathtub beautiful in a day!

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